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Find an NPO

Search our on-line NPO register to view the status and details of an NPO

View the status of all NPOs including their annual compliance, founding documents, office bearers and contact information.

You can also report anonymously any suspicious activity you may be aware off.


Register an NPO

Register an NPO online... It's quicker and more convenient

Organisations such as trusts, companies or other associations established for a public purpose may apply for registration.


Check the status of an Application

If you have previously applied to register an NPO whether on-line or by post, you may check the progress of your application by entering the application reference number assigned to you above.

Submit annual reports

File your annual compliance reports online

All registered NPOs are required to submit annual reports within nine months after the end of its financial year. Use our on-line service to do this quickly and conveniently.


Submit Voluntary Deregistration

Submit a request for your organisation to be Voluntary Deregistered

A request for the voluntary deregistration of your organisation can be submitted to the NPO office.


Update General Details

Update contact and office bearer details for your NPO

The Department of Social Development should be notified upon any change of office bearers and contact information inlcuding physical address.


Update Founding Documents

Update the founding documents or the name of your NPO online

Any changes to an organisation's founding documents should be registered with the Department. Our online service makes this easy by simply allowing you to upload your updated documents.


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Section 13 (2) of the NPO Act turnaround time requirement is 2 months.

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